Emergency Appropriations for Sandy Cost Aberdeen Almost $150k

The council approved the funds to cover salary and wages and operating expenses during Sandy.

Sandy cost Aberdeen Township an additional $148,000 in salaries, wages and operating expenses.

The Aberdeen Township Council approved emergency appropriations at their Nov. 13 meeting to cover the cost.

Salary and wages for road repair and maintenance cost an additional $20,000 during the storm, operating expenses for road repair and maintenance cost $6,000, salary and wages for the police department cost $12,000 and operating expenses for the police department cost $10,000.

Sewer operating expenses accounted for the majority of the appropriation, costing the township an additional $100,000

According to the resolution, the appropriation will be provided for in full in the 2013 municipal budget.

Political corruption January 16, 2013 at 12:43 AM
The Aberdeen Police Department cost an extra $22,000.00 for Hurricane Sandy? And the Police Chief dared to blame technology for the complete and total failure that left so many residents in a bad way when they were needed them most probably prepared and padded this cost figure. Another example of the corruption in Aberdeen. I forgot though our politicians and emergency responders will try harder according to the Aberdeen bulletin I got in the mail down here last week. Like Tom Cruise said in that movie a few years back Show Me the Money. I say to the Matawan Patch Show us all of the Corruption. just follow the money trail.


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