Agenda: Aberdeen Council to Make Several Professional Appointments

The council will appoint several professionals at the Jan. 15 meeting, the agenda states.

The Aberdeen Township Council will make several professional appointments at their Jan. 15 regular action meeting, according to the agenda.

The council will appoint a township attorney, public defender, public prosecutor, auditor and bond counsel. The agenda also indicates the council will vote on a resolution to settle tax appeal litigation with Cliffwood Properties, LLC. 

At the end of the meeting, the council will adjourn into executive session to discuss potential litigation with Prime 34, personnel appointments and negotiations and PBA & AOA.

The agenda is available below the photo of town hall. Copies of the agenda and resolutions will also be available at the meeting. 


Political corruption January 16, 2013 at 12:32 AM
And do you really expect there to be any different appointments under the illegal, unethical and thoroughly corrupt Norman Kauff? Norman Kauff who controls all things in his Kaufferdeen. Norman Kauff illegally manipulates and controls all the political appointments, developmental approvals and anything else that he can illegally make money off of. Any potential developer daring to build in Kaufferdeen has to pay Kauff and the Aberdeen democratic party for the building approvals just like the past twelve years under Norman Kauff and his puppets on his town council. This is Kaufferdeen people nothing more and it can only get worse. That's why your taxes are where they are. Norman Kauff and his gouging engineers are killing Aberdeen in the name of political leadership. Anyone in office now or the past twelve years under Norman Kauff know it and we taxpayers pay and pay while the Kauff puppets conduct their corrupt business behind closed doors and with back room deals. That is the reality of Aberdeen sorry I meant Kaufferdeen. Wake up Aberdeen and stop the Norman Kauff corruption.


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