Aberdeen Government Reorganizes for Year Ahead

Appointments were made at the Jan. 2 meeting.

The Aberdeen Township Council made appointments at their annual reorganization meeting Wednesday night. 

Zoning Board of Adjustment

  • Giuseppe (Joseph) Ciaglia was appointed for a four-year term ending on Dec. 31 2016.

Deputy Municipal Court

  • Maxine Rescorl was appointed as the Deputy Municipal Clerk for a one-year term.

Monmouth County Community Development

  • Township Manager Holly Reycraft was appointed as the Monmouth County Community Development Representative for a one-year term. 
  • Angela Morin was appointed as the alternative representative. 
Barzillai January 05, 2013 at 10:51 PM
The Township posted its agenda online but failed to provide hyperlinks to the individual resolutions. Sorry but they need to provide that service more uniformly. It isn't necessarily your job to do so, but you've provided only a quarter of what was missing from the agenda. Who was nominated to the Planning Board? What is the schedule of meetings? Which banks are going to be used? Those sorts of things are mundane but are usually detailed in the attached resolutions. The meetings aren't well attended, yet residents want to be able to find out what is going on at their convenience and without a visit to town hall. I thought the Township was adopting the online information age, but in recent months there have been gaps. The Council could also do a better job of approving its minutes regularly. Three months at a time is only convenient for the preparer.


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