Four New Matawan Aberdeen BOE Members in January

The Monmouth County Clerk's Office has released the official results for the Matawan Aberdeen Board of Education.

The Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District Board of Education will welcome four new faces in January. 

According to the official election results recently released by the Monmouth County Clerk's Office, James Macomber, Tara Martinez, Joelle Nappi and Kathleen Gentile received the highest number of votes. 

Macomber and Martinez will each represent Aberdeen for a three-year term on the board. Nappi will represent Aberdeen for a one-year unexpired term and Gentile will represent Matawan for a three-year term. 

According to the board of education's agenda for their Dec. 17 meeting at Lloyd Road School, Superintendent David Healy will recognize the service of the outgoing board members Elizabeth Hayward, Kenneth Aitken, Gerald Donaghue and Patricia Phillips. 

Here are the official results for the 2012 board of education election:

3-Year Term, Aberdeen Vote Count Percentage James Macomber 2,030 29.22% Tara Martinez 2,231 32.11% Kenneth Aitken (incumbent) 1,149 16.54% Elizabeth Hayward (incumbent) 1,453 20.91% 1-Year Unexpired, Aberdeen  

Vote Count  

Art Perri (write-in) 83 18.82% Joelle Nappi (write-in) 91 20.63% Patricia Phillips (write-in) 49 11.11% L. William Lamb (write-in) 17 3.85% 3-Year Term, Matawan
Vote Count Percentage James Shea (write-in) 56 17.72% Kathleen Gentile (write-in) 79 25.00%
Four New Matawan Aberdeen BOE Members in January with 4 Outrageous salaries!! We like thank all our rich tax payers in the Matawan Aberdeen community. Don't worry about it, we will keep taxing and spending your money. Why should you care,you all rich and we are happy you live in Matawan-Aberdeen. Happy Hanukkah!!!
Chelsea Naso (Editor) December 18, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Board of Education members do not receive a stipend or payment for their service.
Concerned Citizen December 18, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Thank you for clearing that up, Chelsea.
Kathy December 19, 2012 at 12:45 AM
As one of those newly elected BOE members, I, too, would like to clear up that misconception. I will not be receiving an outrageous salary. In fact no member of the BOE will receive ANY salary compensation for our service. We are community volunteers, serving our school district, with no form of compensation, salary, or benefits. It is really pretty shameful how someone could post such an uninformed comment. I hope this serves as a learning lesson...if you post a comment, at least know the facts before you press the Submit button. Sincerely, Kathleen Gentile, non-salaried, but proud, community volunteer


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