Local Business Profile: Bird Lover's Paradise

Business owners in Matawan and Aberdeen tell Patch what they're best known for and when they got started.

Photo courtesy Bird Lover's Paradise
Photo courtesy Bird Lover's Paradise
Ahead of Small Business Saturday, we've asked business owners in Matawan and Aberdeen to tell us about themselves. Today, we're featuring Bird Lover's Paradise. 

Walt Ecklof, Owner
32 Main St., Matawan

When and how did your business get started? 

Our business grew out of a forty year love affair with avian companion pets. Breeding, training and hand-feeding small and large hook-bill birds (parrot like birds) and color bred canary's for many years successfully at our aviary in Hazlet, NJ, convinced us to search out and find the new location for a different type of retail bird store. On Nov. 16 we opened our retail and avian hobbyist store that combines experience and quality products, plus selection of many types of birds not found in Pet Stores

Why did you choose the town you chose to start your business in?

Matawan seemed to be the perfect fit for our business. As a small child my mother used to bring me to Matawan for shoes, clothes, dentistry, even the movies. When you wanted something special, you went to Main Street USA, so rather than select a highway location we looked for a place people could walk to or drive and have parking,stepping back to an more neighborly atmosphere we once knew.

What is your business best known for? 

Hand-fed parrots, cockatiels, lovebirds, parrolets, Budgies, color bred canary's, rare and beautiful finches, Harrison's Bird Food, Abba Seed, Golden Feast, Scarlet cage and Outdoor Bird Seed and Suet.

What's something interesting about your business your customers might not know? 

Free Bird Grooming and we also board your pets should you go on vacation or personal emergency. 

Does your business offer a special deals card or program 

Yes, we offer a rewards card with every purchase. 



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