Superintendent Wishes Matawan Aberdeen School Community a Happy Holiday Season

While wishing the school community happy holidays, Superintendent Healy reflects on 2012 and looks forward to 2013.

The following is a letter written by Superintendent David Healy.

Dear Matawan-Aberdeen School Community Members:

The first half of this 2012-2013 School Year of Refinement has been a very busy time for all of us where much has been accomplished. 

As we enter into the Holiday Season I find it always to be a time for deep reflection. I recall fond memories and become increasingly appreciative of friends, family and valued colleagues.

I think of my personal goals that are primarily focused on my family and my professional goals that are primarily focused on the children of this school district and how we can offer them the finest educational experience possible. As parents and educators these are our most important goals where our greatest influences can be made and where the greatest rewards lie. My thoughts for the New Year are good ones filled with hope, promise and a vision of a common goal focused primarily on continuous improvement.

This is also a time to be thankful. I want to thank our supportive families, community members, faculty, administrators, Board of Education members, and those eager and energized students still full of idealism who continue to amaze us each day and who define who we are as a school district.

I want to thank all of you for everything that you do. Without the support of each of you we would not be able to accomplish all that we have. I am proud of our accomplishments to date and the momentum we have developed toward our vision of excellence. It is that momentum that will continue to drive us to those places we ultimately want to reach. My experiences to date with this school community give me that level of confidence.  

I want to wish all of you a happy, healthy and restful holiday season where I hope you will have the opportunity to spend time with your families while you fondly reflect on those great moments in your life and all those with whom you shared them.


David M. Healy
Superintendent of Schools 


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