Matawan Aberdeen Middle School Students Achieve Perfect Score on Section of NJ ASK

The middle schoolers were honored at the board of education meeting for their accomplishment.

A number of Matawan Aberdeen Middle School students were honored at the board of education meeting Monday night for achieving a perfect score on at least one portion of the NJ ASK last year.

"This is a great accomplishment that should not only be shared with these students but all of their teachers from kindergarten to last year that played an integral role in their education and development," said MAMS principal Cory Radisch.  

Congratulations to all those who achieved a perfect score on one or more sections of the NJ ASK during the 2010-11 academic year.

During sixth grade: 

  • Ryan Deahl
  • Michael Delucia
  • Michael Dunne
  • Katherine Hoyt
  • Donovan Johnson
  • Morgan Jones
  • Robert Kee
  • Rachel Kenny
  • Eric Kim
  • Karl Kim
  • Angela Lacovara
  • Christopher Mallozzi
  • Meet Patel
  • Courtney Pierce
  • Denir Radoncic
  • Abdullah Ramadan
  • Sajeela Rehman
  • Meghan Sheuing 
  • Evan Shapiro
  • Mikaylie Shaw
  • Joelle Wahab
  • Christina Weber
  • Matthew Weisburg
  • Daniel White
  • Michelle Zakrzewski

During seventh grade:

  • Ocheze Amuzie
  • Jonathan Barardo
  • Wayne Bloom
  • Micaela Cabrera 
  • Alyssa Chambers
  • Tyler Chin
  • Lauren Conroy 
  • Nasir Darnell
  • Amanda Ferrara 
  • Mary Finnerty 
  • Kacey Lambertson
  • Tyler Marolda
  • Keleb Mehari
  • Kasey Nicholson McFadden
  • Justin Notarfrancesco 
  • Thomas Petruskevicius
  • Jarvin Sevilleno
  • Jaco signorile
  • Tyler Walling 
  • Emily Weinburger

During eigth grade.

  • Tracy Brereton
  • Makel Caldwell
  • Abigail Casazza
  • Daniel Chan
  • Kevin Conway
  • Christopher Domalewski
  • Adam Elliot
  • David Fleissner
  • Sarah Gerstel
  • Matthew Harrison
  • Susan Hoban
  • Victor Jamandron 
  • Daniele Kalyk 
  • Kerry Laughlin
  • Chloe Lemoing
  • Joseph Malinger
  • Steve Morrone
  • Mariel Ogurek
  • Nicholas Page
  • Marley Perlstein
  • Amanda Siriram
  • Brian Slobotsky
  • Theresa Stapletto
  • Kathryn Todaro
  • Mary Tomkns 
  • Michael Toomer
  • Joseph Vidal 
  • Kyle White
Kathy October 26, 2012 at 10:29 PM
This is an awesome accomplishment and a testament to the dedication and work ethic of each student lised in this article. Kudos to each and everyone of you and it goes without saying...in supporting student achievement, you have to acknowledge the parents and teachers who are just as dedicated and committed to seeing their children succeed and achieve. Once again, kudos to the students and to their proud parents and teachers (from kindergarten to MAMS) Congraduations to all who share in their achievement!!! Kathy Gentile
John Shea October 27, 2012 at 04:12 AM
I think they all deserve a Big Hug!


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