Aberdeen Board of Education Candidate Profile: Art Perri

Perri is asking Aberdeen residents to write in his name for the one year unexpired term on the board. There are (2) three-year terms and (1) one-year unexpired term open for Aberdeen residents on the board of education.

Matawan and Aberdeen voters will be asked to select their Board of Education representatives during the election next month.

New Jersey School Board Elections are normally held in April, however Senate Bill 3184, which was signed into law by Gov. Chris Christie in January, allowed school boards to combine their elections with the general election in November. 

In February, the district voted to move the election, along with the majority of New Jersey school districts.

There is (1) three-year term open for a Matawan resident, while there are (2) three-year terms and (1) one-year unexpired term open for Aberdeen residents. 

Art Perri is running as a write-in candidate for a one-year unexpired term. 

A write-in candidate means that the voter must literally write the candidates name into the corresponding box on the ballot.

Art Perri

Art Perri is an Aberdeen resident who had all three of his adult children matriculate through the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District. He currently has a granddaughter in the local schools. Perri was a technology teacher in New Jersey for 41 years, but has since retired. He is also the founder and president of Husky Sports, Inc, a 501(c)3 organization that has run local youth sports programs for 27 years. 

Perri wants be a member of the board of education in order to bring new ideas to the district, as well as continue to give back to the community. 

"I'm sure [the current board members] have the best interest of the people in the district in mind, but I think it's time for a change. I feel they had their chance. It's time for other people to come in and give a fresh look to the way things should be run," he said.

Some of his new ideas include using solar power as a source of alternative revenue, creating a summer enrichment program, enhancing technology in the district, and improving internal and external communications in the district.

"We should increase revenue by installing solar panels on the schools, like some of the neighboring towns have done," Perri said. "In this day and time, money is kind of tight and you have to be creative."

The increase in revenue from the use of solar panels, Perri said, can be used to cut fixed costs in the budget or to help fund a summer enrichment program for the children in the district.

Perri believes a vote for him is a vote for a technologically experienced local volunteer who has spent his lifetime giving back to the community and will bring a fresh perspective to the board.

"Because I’ve been in the community for 43 years, I'm linked with the past and present," he said. My whole history is the kids in this town. I spent all those years volunteering. We’ve got to work together for the community." 

Diana Noble October 25, 2012 at 11:54 PM
I have seen Art Perri in action with the children in this community. He educates, inspires and motivates them to want to always do their best. Since his retirement, he has continued his efforts to lead rec programs and lead the youth in community service programs, such as Mission Matawan. Art Perri understands the needs of the community like few others. As an educator, he thinks like a teacher, as a very active resident of the community, he understands the district and its landscape like few others. I believe he will be an excellent ambassador for improving communications and relationships within the district.


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