Will Your Street be Included in Matawan's Upcoming Road Program?

Some 15 roads will receive paving improvements, drainage improvements, curb repairs or a combination of all three.

Matawan Borough will soon undertake an aggressive road program, according to a press release issued Monday by Borough Administrator Louis Ferrarra.

"This project will go a long way in revitalizing several streets in the borough that are in desperate need of repair or repaving," Mayor Paul Buccellato said in the release.

The road program will address decaying roadways and damage from recent storms, including drainage issues stemming back to Hurricane Irene. It is expected to be undertaken throughout the upcoming spring and summer months. 

"Hurricanes Irene and Sandy did significant damage to a number of our streets and abutments. These repairs will shore up roadways that were eroded by significant rainfall over the last few years," Buccellato said in the release, adding that the borough will work hard to limit the inconvenience to residents during the construction.

The approximately $250 million project will be funded through several agencies, according to Ferrara. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will make $79,101.80 in contributions for damage from the last three major storms. Matawan was also the recipient of $400,000 in grants from the State Department of Transportation, which includes . About $359,600.51 in finances were consolidated from left over funds from prior construction projects and $400,048.75 from existing water bonds will be used, Ferrara explained. The remaining cost will be covered by a $2,185,000 municipal bond and a new water bond in the amount of $400,000.

The following roads are including in the project: 

Road Section (if applicable) Project Description or Notes Sunset Avenue  From Rt. 34 to Crowne  Paving Monroe Street From Rt. 34 to Crowne Paving William Street From Ryers Lane to Freneau Avenue Paving; Funding provided by NJDOT Daniel Drive From Essie Drive to Union Street Paving Mohawk Drive From Fawn Drive to Indian Trail  Paving Ned Drive From Daniel Drive to Marc Drive Hurricane Irene damage to drainage will also be repaired. Hoyt Street From Atlantic Avenue to Johnson Avenue Paving  Wykoff Street

Underdrain work along a portion of Wycoff Street

Shainy Lane Address ponding on cul-de-sac Stillwell Street Address ponding at end of street Schenck, Woodland & Edgemere

Along Schenck from Woodland Avenue, continuing along Edgemere Drive to Lakeland Road and continuing along Woodland to the intersection of Woodland and Schenck.

Curb & driveway apron repairs; NJ Natural Gas will repave this area. Crestwood Road Hurricane Irene storm damage repairs Essie Drive Hurricane Irene damage to drainage to be repaired. Sutton Drive Hurricane Irene damage to drainage to be repaired.
Tracey May 10, 2013 at 02:10 AM
what about in front of Cafe 34 which is a State Highway where it always floods. I know its a state highway Been down that road many years now there is nothing they can do ....Well what about Fierro Ave the big Crack going down the whole road ...yeah the Road dept. what a joke they are DPW...they fill it in with GRAVEL and run it over with the Truck TIRE...this is what my taxes are paying your salary For. Well if thats the Case I WANT YOUR JOB because i can do it too ....Get out the Sealing black top ontop of the gravel and us a TAMPER and do it Right.
Paul M May 11, 2013 at 12:31 AM
I see that Wiliam St is all of 2 blocks long. $200k for that? Or is it because it's a short cut out of St Clemens that it gets the recognition?
Mike May 11, 2013 at 03:26 PM
Recently, the sidewalks and curbs were replaced at the intersection of Main Street and High Street/Aberdeen Road. The sidewalks and curbs were very nice, but a couple of days later the brand new concrete was dug up and replaced with asphalt patch. Does anybody know what caused this? Seems like an error that cost probably tens of thousands of dollars, and now the residents and taxpayers get a crappy asphalt patch? Was it a contractor error? Why were the curbs not replaced with permanent concrete as was originally designed?
NJMommy June 02, 2013 at 03:57 PM
I think they need more sidewalks throughout the whole town . Matawan is not a walker friendly town because there are not enough sidewalks. I live on Highway 34 and would love to walk more but in order to get "to town", I'd have to cut through lawns all th ways down 34....it's basically homes right on Highway 34 and no buffer ....it's annoying and makes for fatter residents if we can't safely walk anywhere. Honestly if I could walk vs drive I would.
Concerned Citizen July 17, 2013 at 02:29 PM
What about an update on the streets in Aberdeen?? I've live here for 20 years and have NEVER had my street repaired or repaved!!! But I'm sure our mayor's street is pristine.


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