Public Hearing Thursday on Land Sale Ordinance, Fire Hydrants

The public portion of the meeting begins at 7:00 pm at the senior/community center next to Town Hall. The venue was changed on Thursday afternoon in order to better accommodate the public.

  • When the Holmdel Township Committee meets Thursday night, the five members will hold a public hearing and take a final vote on whether to pass local legislation authorizing the potential sale of two different pieces of open land. A land sale may become an option to help close a $2.5 million budget gap, township officials say, if an April voter referendum to raise taxes fails.
  • Hydrants, and their maintenance, is also on the agenda.  There will be a public hearing on an ordinance requiring residents to be responsible for clearing them of snow and ice within 12 hours of a storm, if they are located on their property. Also, the township's two water companies, Shorelands and New Jersey American Water, would be required to paint the caps a fluorescent white, and their nozzle caps different colors to indicate their gallons-per-minute capacities. A painted letter H in the roadway will mark them. Between Oct. 15-April 15, they would be affixed with 48" rods with reflective flags. The idea came from Freeholder Serena DiMaso, who learned of a similar maintenance program in Howell. Holmdel Township pays $775,000 a year to the water companies for hydrants, or $1,400 each. (A copy of the ordinance is attached to this article.)
  • The mayor may also appoint a new commissioner to the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority in Union Beach, the entity that handles the raw sewage of eight towns, including Holmdel. Commissioner John Coligas is not seeking another term. Resident Edward Hinds, who was once mentioned as a replacement, has withdrawn his candidacy. The new member would join Holmdel Commissioner David Cohen on the six-member board in time for its scheduled reorganization Feb. 27, and receive a $2,000 annual salary. This is the 40th anniversary of the BRSA, and an important one as the BRSA continues its quest to build a 260-foot tall wind turbine on its property that it says will save energy costs, and debt service dating back to the creation of the BRSA is finally retired.


longtime Holmdel resident February 23, 2012 at 12:26 PM
The idea for looking at the fire hydrant charges was raised by a resident (didn't catch his name) who attended the 5 hour budget review meeting on Feb 4. He shared with the committee his detailed line-by-line code analysis comparing Holmdel's expenses with neighboring towns. He raised the question of what this charge is and why Holmdel has been paying it every year. No disrespect to Ms. DiMaso, but while she can claim credit for proposing taking action now, she cannot claim credit for coming up with the idea.
Christina Johnson February 23, 2012 at 02:15 PM
For the record, Serena DiMaso did bring the hydrant ordinance to Holmdel. As a newly appointed Freeholder, she suggested it at the end of the Jan 3 Holmdel Twp Committee Reorganization meeting. On Jan. 19, the TC voted to draft an ordinance modeled on Howell Township's, which was introduced on Feb 2.
Bill Heller January 11, 2013 at 04:41 AM
Please forgive this correction, but the wind turbine would stand 386-feet tall with blades each the size of a cell tower, or about 120 feet. 260 feet would be the height of the nacelle with the hub. It would be located WAY TOO CLOSE to homes in Union Beach. To get a good idea of what that would mean to the residents here, this is a Channel 7 news story about a town in Massachusetts that welcomed two similar wind turbines at first, and now the residents close to them are at war with the town in an effort to have them torn down. The video link in the story is well worth watching too. http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/south/12009531356781/sleepless-in-scituate-turbines-keep-many-awake/ Mr Cohen would tell you this won't happen in Union Beach, but he would be wrong. The world over, when industrial scale wind turbines are located too close to hones, the same story can be told. Plus, home values plummet as a result, and Union Beach has suffered enough from Sandy. And imagine if this 38-story monstrosity were proposed for somewhere in Holmdel....imagine what the reaction of the good people of Holmdel would be. Be honest :-) Thank you!


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