NJ Man Proves E-ZPass Tracked Beyond Tolls

The driver river rigged a toy cow to moo when the device was pinged.

YouTube.com user defconpukingmonkey
YouTube.com user defconpukingmonkey

Article by Tom Troncone 

A New Jersey man hacked his E-ZPass reader so that a toy cow would moo every time the device was pinged, and posted a series of videos to YouTube showing the results, Forbes.com reported.

The video shows the cow mooing five times as the man, who was not identified but uses the nickname 'defconpukingmonkey' on YouTube, drives from Times Square to Madison Square Garden.

The New York Department of Transportation told Forbes that the data gleaned from the E-ZPass tracking is for traffic management.

green September 20, 2013 at 01:31 PM
How do you think the message signs on the highway are able to tell you how many minutes to such and such exit? They use EZ pass readers to calculate travel time.


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