Matawan DPW: What To Do Before & After a Snow Storm

The Department of Works will salt and plow if it snows this weekend. They ask residents to assist them in this process by following a few guidelines.

The Matawan Department of Public Works issued a public notice Friday asking residents to follow certain procedures in case it snows this weekend.  

The following is the message from the DPW: 

During a snow event, the Matawan Department of Public Works is solely responsible for maintaining the roads in Matawan. The department does have an adequate amount of equipment and manpower to address the most significant storms.

Our residents can help us do a better job by following these simple guidelines before, during, and after a storm:

  • Please make sure all of your vehicles have been removed from borough streets before the storm. Plowing does not typically begin until there is about 4 inches of accumulated snow, but salting operations will start once the snow begins to fall.
  • After the snow has stopped, the plows will open the roads curb-to-curb. Residents should wait for the department to completely clear the streets, before clearing snow from the head of driveways, or sidewalks.
  • Make sure your children and pets are kept well away from any snow clearing operations.

Editor's note: This message was sent out by Matawan Borough via their emergency alert system. Sign up to receive alerts by visiting matawanborough.com.

Patricia Sickels February 08, 2013 at 04:59 AM
It is a boro ordinance that there there os no parking on any boro street whene there is snow. The signs are posted upon all enterences to the Boro of Matawan. as the law states. The violation is a $54.00 ticke. Move your vehicles until the plow have passes..


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