Matawan Council Authorizes Inspection of Lake Matawan Dam

It will be conducted by T&M Associates through a visual inspection of the dam to look for signs of wear at the site.

A photo of a dam in Matawan. Credit: Anastasia Millicker
A photo of a dam in Matawan. Credit: Anastasia Millicker

Story by Anastasia Millicker

Lake Matawan Dam will have its yearly visual inspection inspection this month.

The inspection, which will conducted by T&M Associates for a cost of $5,000, will be completed in order to submit a report on the condition of dams for potential state grant money. The Borough Council approved the inspection at their August meeting. The findings of the report will be released at a later meeting.

The Lake Matawan Dam is of earthen construction, a gravity dam, according to the resolution. Its height is 19.5 feet with a length of 275 feet. The initial phase I analysis of the dam, conducted in 2000, found the maximum discharge is 800 cubic feet per second.

This upcoming Phase II Significant Hazard inspection notes that if the dam were to fail, it could result in significant property damage. With the visual inspection, engineers look for deterioration in material, developing weaknesses or unsafe hydraulic or structural behavior, according to the engineer’s bid letter.

Borough Administrator Louis Ferrara said the inspection would ensure the dam is in good shape for the balance of the year.

Once results are submitted, the Department of Environmental Protection will review the study, and the borough will determine a course of action based upon DEP recommendation.


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