In Hazlet, Democrats Win Majority Control Of Governing Body

Hazlet Democratic Party challengers Barbara Ronchetti and Jim DiNardo unseat Mayor David Tinker and Committeeman Jim Brady.

The mood was triumphant at the victory party held by Hazlet Democrats at Assaginni di Roma on election night. 

Former Recreation Director Barbara Ronchetti, and former Pop Warner organizer Jim DiNardo were toasted by supporters for winning their campaigns. Together with Committeeman Joseph Belasco, the Democrats will now have the majority on the split board. The other two members are Republican Party members Michael Sachs and Scott Aagre. 

DiNardo, with 4,529 votes and Ronchetti, with 4,340 votes, beat Republican Tinker, with 3,960 votes and Brady, with 3,861. 

Ronchetti was happy to announce the Democrat's new plans. "We are looking to put solar panels at the swim club to save electricity, and we're going to get grants for more road improvement projects," she said. 

DiNardo added, "We'll open everything up to the public and make sure we're transparent," he said. 

First on the list is bringing the Township Committee's workshop meeting out of the small meeting room and back out into the public meeting room where the public can more easily observe the meeting, she said.  

Over at Lakeside Manor, faces were glum and the mood was very low. After a difficult week of leading Hazlet throught the post-Hurricane Sandy aftermath, Mayor David Tinker appeared to be somewhere between stunned and fatigued by the news of the loss. "I have no comment," he said, before leaving the table he was sitting at with runningmate James Brady. 

Brady said he was "shocked" to have lost to the Democrats but said he believed that the electorate was influenced by "the top of the ticket," referring to President Barack Obama. 

"Let's see what happens in Hazlet in a couple of years," he said. "The people of Hazlet have spoken. Now it's their problem," he said. 

Susan S November 07, 2012 at 02:03 PM
"Now it's their problem" Such a gracious loser.
Bill Heller November 07, 2012 at 02:57 PM
"DiNardo added, 'We'll open everything up to the public and make sure we're transparent...'" Yeah sure.....just like he was transparent (he wasn't at all) as a BRSA commisioner with Union Beach about the BRSA industrial wind turbine. DiNardo will be bad for Hazlet and is bad for Union Beach. He's a small-minded and selfish nasty bureaucrat. There had to have been a much better Democrat in Hazlet that could have run instead of him...one who is qualified and honest.
Bob Stevens November 08, 2012 at 01:18 AM
Mr. Heller, How many BRSA meetings did you attend before the Wind Turbine issue? I would bet none. I was previously impresses with your work in opposing the turbine. After seeing your comment above which contains a personal attack on Mr. DiNardo, my opinion of you has suddenly taken a dive. Apparently a majority of Hazlet residents do not share your opinion of Mr. DiNardio since they elected him and gave him more votes than any of the other 3 candidates.
Erika November 08, 2012 at 02:14 AM
Mr Heller, You might have had a bad experience with Mr DiNardo, but I can honestly say that man is a great asset to this town. He will be a great leader. He is an amazing person, he is honest, a family guy, and has an amazing wife and family. He knows what needs to be done in this town and Union Beach. There is no need to trash talk him. Your opinion may differ from a lot of other voters, but there is no need to trash talk him. He had an amazing victory and deserves it. By the way, if he was so selfish and nasty, how did he make it this far. I am sorry, but no need to be a hater.
J. Markowitz, Ph.D. November 11, 2012 at 12:56 AM
Mr. Heller: YOU are the small-minded and selfish one. YOU and Lou Andreuzzi, who have cost Union Beach THOUSANDS of tax dollars "fighting" a clean energy project. YOU don't want a turbine "in your backyard." So, 70,000 other BRSA customers can continue to pay higher sewer bills for the electricity that will have to come off the grid - the SAME grid the HURRICANE took out - because it will ruin your vista? You didn't want the flood wall either a few years back. Guess you might be re-thinking that one now that your house got flooded. Step OUTSIDE your selfishness and become a part of the greater good sect. On second thought, stay in your myopic world - the humanists don't need the likes of you stinking up their space.


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