Hazlet Township Committee Approves Appointments at Reorganization Meeting

The committee approved appointments to several boards, commissions and committees within the township.

The Hazlet Township Committee made several appointments at their annual reorganization meeting held Saturday, Jan. 5.

The township committee established the following committees for 2013:

  • Department of Public Works
    • Co-Chairman: James DiNardo
    • Co-Chairman: Michael Sachs
  • Public Safety Liaisons
    • Fire Department: Michael Sachs
    • First Aid: Michael Sachs
    • Office of Emergency Management: Michael Sachs
    • Police Department: Barbara Ronchetti, James DiNardo
  • Insurance
    • Chairman: Barbara Ronchetti
  • Library
    • Chairman: Scott Aagre
  • Environmental Commission
    • Chairman: James DiNardo
  • Finance and Central Purchasing
    • Co-Chairman: James DiNardo
    • Co-Chairman: Barbara Ronchetti
  • Recreation Commission
    • Chairman: Barbara Ronchetti
  • Sewer Utility
    • Chairman: James DiNardo
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment
    • Chairman: Barbara Ronchetti
  • Board of Education
    • Co-Chairman: Scott Aagre
    • Co-Chairman: James Belasco
  • Personnel Committee
    • Chairman: Barbara Ronchetti
  • Hazlet PTO's Liaison
    • Chairman: James Belasco
  • Swim Club
    • Co-Chairman: Barbara Ronchetti
    • Co-Chairman: James DiNardo
  • Open Space
    • Chairman: James Belasco

The following appointments were made by the township committee:

  • Labor Attorney: Matthew Giacobbe of Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri & Jacobs; one-year term
  • Township Auditor: Thomas Fallon of Fallon and Larsen Certified Public Accountants; one-year term
  • Bond Counsel: Andrea, Kahn, McManiman; one-year term
  • Township Engineer: Greg Valesi of CME Associates; three-year term
  • Township Planner: CME Associates; one-year term
  • Consulting Engineer: Hoder Associates; one-year term
  • Township Chiropractor: Dr. Staci Addessi; one-year term
  • Township Physician: Dr. Antonios Tsompanidis; one-year term
  • Improvement Search Officer: Municipal Clerk Evelyn Grandi; one-year term
  • Library Commission: Diane Yorks; three-year term
  • Representative to the Monmouth County Community Development Program: Municipal Administrator Brian Valentino; one-year term 
  • Representative to the Bayshore Regional Environmental Council: William Shewan; one-year term
  • Representative to the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority: Louis Pisano; unexpired term ending Jan. 31, 2017
  • Representative to the Central Jersey Health Insurance Fund: Municipal Administrator Brian Valentino; one-year term
  • Alternative Representative to the Central Jersey Health Insurance Fund: Thomas O'Hara; one-year term
  • Representative to the Advisory Board of the Community YMCA Family Services: James Shea; one-year term

The following people were appointed to the Zoning Board:

  • Member: Louis Pisano; four-year term
  • Member: Walter Szczuplak; four-year term
  • Member: Scott Nicholls; four-year term
  • Alternative Member #1: Toby Stark; unexpired one-year term
  • Alternative Member #2: Steve Grossman; two-year term

The following people were appointed to the Planning Board:

  • Class I Member: Mayor Joseph Belasco
  • Class II Member: Joseph Pobega; term ends with appointing Mayor's term
  • Class III Member: Committeeman James DiNardo; one-year term
  • Member: Jeff Tyler; four-year term
  • Alternative Member #1: Kevin Lavan; unexpired one-year term
  • Alternative Member #2: Vincent Solomeno; two-year term

The following people were appointed to the Recreation Commission:

  • Member: Mary Paraskevas; five-year term
  • Member: Michael Christopher; five-year term
  • Member: Linda Sims; five-year term
  • Member: Michael Sullivan; five-year term
  • Alternative Member #1: Henry Pekarsky; unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2015
  • Alternative Member #2: Patrick Toal; five-year term

The following people were appointed to the Environmental Commission:

  • Chairperson: Chris Cavanaugh; one-year term
  • Member: Eugene Geer; three-year term
  • Member: Joan Pease; three-year term
  • Alternative Member #1: Joseph Pobega; unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2013

The following people were appointed to the Safety Committee:

  • Member: Elizabeth Cusumano; one-year term
  • Member: Ken Lind; one-year term
  • Member: Marilyn Colas; one-year term
  • Member: Edward Zimmerman; one-year term

The following people were appointed as liaisons to the Monmouth County Office of the Aging

  • Municipal Coordinator: James Brady
  • Alternate #1: Joan Pease
  • Alternate #2: Julia Updike
Bill Heller January 13, 2013 at 10:35 PM
DiNardo and Pisano as BRSA commissioners are in my opinion enemies of Union Beach. They fully intend to press ahead with the BRSA's misguided intention to erect a 386 foot tall noisy industrial wind turbine with blades each the size of a cell tower here at the BRSA plant WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOMES!!! They should plan to erect it in Hazlet instead and see what the reaction would be.Why not down the street from one of their homes??? Union Beach has suffered enough from Sandy We will be working very hard to rebuild homes, rebuild our property values and quality of life. The turbine is the last thing we need. The world over, when located on land close to homes, there is an outcry from residents. Low frequency and subsonic noise results in the same health complaints in most turbine communities. DiNardo and Pisano will arrogantly deny this, but they are either lying or ignorant of the facts. It's time for the BRSA to abandon their madness! Here are just 3 reasons why: 1) http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/south/12009531356781/sleepless-in-scituate-turbines-keep-many-awake/ 2) http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/article/20130101/GPG0101/301010198/Jacque-Study-finds-dangerous-levels-noise-from-turbines?nclick_check=1 3) http://oto2.wustl.edu/cochlea/wind.html


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