Four Democratic Candidates Elected to Aberdeen Council

One incumbent and three new Democrats elected to township council

All districts within Aberdeen Township have been reported, according to the Monmouth County website.

Gregory Cannon, the only incumbent in the race, was reelected along with his three fellow Democratic candidates Harvey Brenner, Robert Swindle and Concetta Kelley. Deputy Mayor Vincent Vinci (D), Councilman Owen Drapkin (D) and Councilwoman Wilhelmina Gumbs (D) will retire at the end of this year.

"I'm glad the Aberdeen voters gave us a vote of confidence for the next four years," Councilman Cannon said. "We're looking forward to starting with our new team Jan. 1, but we're sad to see Vince, Owen and Gumbs go."

Here are the results:

  Vote Count Percent REP - Augustine T. Toomey, III 1,252 11.39% REP - Kenneth M. Aitken 1,269 11.55% REP - Sheilah Balavram 1,192 10.85% REP - Debra Delaney 1,248 11.35% DEM - Gregory J. Cannon 1,544 14.05% DEM - Harvey M. Brenner 1,502 13.67% DEM - Robert L. Swindle 1,490 13.56% DEM - Concetta B. Kelley 1,485 13.51% Write-In 9 0.08% Total 10,991 100.00%


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