Aberdeen Selects Roads for 2012 Road Program

Three roads will be repaired under the program. The council also authorized several other projects and purchases.

The Aberdeen Township Council approved three roads for the 2012 road program at their meeting June 7, along with several approvals for new capital and building improvements. 

The $1,375,000 road program will address Beaver Road, Raritan Street and Delaware Avenue. Beaver and Raritan will be entirely reconstructed, while Delaware will be milled and resurfaced, according to Township Manager Holly Reycraft.

The road repairs are expected to last 20 years, according to the bond ordinance authorizing the township to move forward with the project.

Councilman Gregory Cannon said that by completeing a few roads each year, the council is able to keep taxes stable while constantly making infrastructure improvements.

"We do this every year so that we don't have to fix them all at the same time and so we don't hit the residents with a massive tax increase. We pass a little bit at a time. We do several roads each year and we rotate them," Cannon said. "If you go over to a neighboring town that just did a lot of road work, you will see that their budget was adjusted accordingly and the residents will feel that impact next year."

Delaware Avenue was originally included in the 2011 road program, but was removed to make the project more affordable, according to Robert Brady, the director of public works. Under the 2011 road program, Cansfield Lane and Northland Lane will be fully reconstructed, which means the storm sewer system, the roadway, the curbing, and any existing sidewalk will be replaced. South Atlantic Avenue is also considered part of the project and will be milled and repaved, but the township recieved Department of Transportation funding to cover the cost of it, Brady said. The 2011 road program is about to go out to bid for the construction phase of the project, according to Brady.

The council also authorized the purchase of a $36,000 four-wheel drive vehicle for the Department of Planning, Zoning and Development; an $85,000 four-wheel drive vehicle and $25,000 in technology improvements for the Aberdeen Township Police Department; and the replacement of the air conditioner blower motor, the replacement of lighting in the court room, building alterations to the Construction Code Department, and the replacement of various doors in the Aberdeen Township Municipal Building for a total cost of $60,000.

The total bond ordinance approved on June 7, including the road program, vehicle and technology purchases, and building projects, was for $1,634,000.

The next meeting of the Aberdeen Township Council will take place on Tuesday, June 19 at 7 p.m. in the court room at the municipal building.

JosephGhabourLaw June 18, 2012 at 01:11 PM
I hope that safe roadways, designed for all residents of Aberdeen - be it by car, foot, or bicycle - are part of this project. Many roads in this area were not designed for the level of traffic experienced daily.
Concerned Citizen June 18, 2012 at 09:24 PM
I've lived in Aberdeen since 1993 (19 years) and my street, Irongate Lane, has never been fixed, milled and repaved or for that matter any type of repair. The best thing the town does is do sporadic patching. Every winter the plows come by and chip away at the street as well as the lip to my driveway. When can we expect our street to be fixed??
mike June 18, 2012 at 11:06 PM
Sorry to say, but it seems like nothing gets done until the pipes burst. Not exactly a win, win situation.


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