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Aberdeen and Matawan Officially Establish Joint Community Emergency Response Team

Both councils introduced and passed on first reading an ordinance establishing a joint CERT.

The Aberdeen Township Council and the Matawan Borough Council officially created a joint Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) at their respective meetings Feb. 5. 

CERT is a nationwide initiative that falls under the Office of Emergency management. According to Aberdeen Township's website, members are trained to respond to emergencies and can provide "critical support to first reponders, provide immediate assistance to victims and organizae spontaneous volunteers at a diasaster site."

Both councils introduced and passed an ordinance establishing a CERT and then a resolution creating an interlocal agreement between the two municipalities.

According to the interlocal agreement, all volunteers must be at least eighteen and must complete mandatory training in accordance with FEMA in areas including disastor preparedness, fire suppression, disastor medical operations, light search and rescue operations disastor psychology, team organization and anti-terrorism. 

Each CERT will be under the supervision of their respective Office of Emergency Management and one person will be appointed collectively by Aberdeen and Matawan to serve as the main correspondant and coordinate the efforts of the volunteers.

According to the resolution, any grants or funding received by either Aberdeen or Matawan will be divided proportionately by the size of the municipalities.

"This is great because it's again establishing shared services between Matawan and Aberdeen," Matawan Mayor Paul Buccellato said. "This is an important shared service because it enlists the aid of residents who volunteer their time to participate in the program."

Both the Township Council and the Borough Council will hold a public hearing at their respective meetings on Tuesday, Feb. 19 on the ordinance before voting on final approval. 

Editor's Note: Herb Caravella, who will oversee the joint CERT, said he intends to hold a training session for interested volunteers in the near future. Like the joint CERT on Facebook for more details.

Paul M February 14, 2013 at 01:13 AM
That IS a good idea, because half the time you're out and about, you have a pretty good sense that you're in 07747 but which one? Not so much...
George Dzurina February 14, 2013 at 03:48 AM
I have to really applaud Mayor Paul Buccellato for taking the action and making the statement "This is great because it's again establishing shared services between Matawan and Aberdeen". With the size of our two towns and being a lifetime resident of the community, I think it is truly a great step that Mayor Paul Buccellato recognizes that we need to take action. The next place to start is with both Police Departments. We already share a school district so why not merge the two towns into one to eliminate the duplication of services ? I hope we can use Super Storm Sandy as a learning experience to open the eyes of all the residents of both Matawan & Aberdeen to realize that we need to start thinking "Out of the Box". We cannot just keep adding more resources and increasing taxes, spending tax dollars we all just can no longer afford to pay. We have all the resources we need, they are just sitting behind desks. Between Matawan & Aberdeen we have (6) Superior Officers probably over $1,000,000 in salary for a total of around 50 patrolmen. If these departments where not paid by our taxes and run like a privately owned BUSINESS we would certainly not have UPPER MANAGEMENT types at a ratio of greater than 1 for 10 subordinates. This is a reason why New Jersey has the highest taxes in the country with over 500 municipalities. THANK YOU, Mayor Paul Buccellato and let’s keep building on this. The shared court services were a great place to start so full speed ahead, MR. MAYOR !!!


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