Seventeen Aberdeen Homes Suffered Severe Damage from Sandy

A total of 76 homes were damaged in both Aberdeen and Matawan, while 144 were damaged in Keyport.

Sandy inflicted damage on 64 homes and rental units in Aberdeen and 12 in Matawan, according to an analysis of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs data by NJSpotlight.com

Eight Aberdeen homes reportedly suffered minor damages from the historic storm, while 39 homes suffered "major" damage, defined as between $8,000 and $28,800 in storm costs. Damage under $8,000 was considered "minor." Severe damage--defined as over $28,800 in costs--was reported in 17 homes, including 15 houses and two rental units.

Matawan, by contrast, only saw 12 homes damaged by Sandy, including two rental units with minor damage, nine homes and one rental with major damage and no homes with major damage.

Keyport faired worse than both Aberdeen and Matawan combined, with 144 homes damaged by the storm. The borough, which is nestled along the Raritan Bay, saw 10 houses and 11 rentals with minor damage, 36 houses and 25 rentals with major damage, and 18 houses and 44 rentals with severe damage.

The report shows that 624 Aberdeen businesses, 704 Matawan businesses and 531 Keyport businesses indicated they were impacted by Sandy.

The average Federal Emergency Management Agency damage inspection statistics were organized by zip code rather than municipality. The average amount of damage was assessed at $1,142.60 in the area with zip code 07747, where 669 homeowners sought FEMA assistance. It was $1,050.42 in 07721, where 108 homeowners sought assistance, according to FEMA data. And in 07735, the average inspection came to $19,170.81, with 2,018 who sought assistance.

Visit NJSpotlight.com to read more and search a town-by-town map of reported damage across New Jersey. 


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