Ravine Drive Closed as Monmouth County Pumps Lake Lefferts

Water is being pumped from several Monmouth County lakes in preparation for Hurricane Sandy.

Lake Lefferts is one of several lakes in Monmouth County being pumped in preparation for the large amount of rain Hurricane Sandy is expected to dump on the area, according to Sheriff Shaun Golden.

“We pump some of those retention lakes and ponds out so to get the levels down so they can receive water from the drainage basins. That’s something we learned from Hurricane Irene,” Golden said.

Ravine Drive in Matawan is closed as officials pump excess water into Matawan Creek, according to Matawan Office of Emergency Management Coordinator Sgt. Thomas Falco.

Ravine Drive will remain closed until the storm passes, Falco said.

In August 2011, heavy rain from Irene overwhelmed the dam near Ravine Drive, washing out a large section of the roadway.

Falco noted that drivers should also anticipate Aberdeen Road being shut down during high tide.

Gregory Nazarian October 28, 2012 at 04:06 AM
If they had maintained the valves at the bottom of the dam years ago, pumps wouldn't be necessary but then someone would have to find the key to open the valves..
Anonymous October 28, 2012 at 09:24 PM
We were out of state over the weekend and relied on the internet for info to get home safely. We were worried once we read this article, but we shouldn't have been. You should have said that only the road by the lake on Ravine Drive is closed, not the entire road! This was horrible reporting on your part!


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