Tell Us: Should the Shuttles to PNC Arts Center Continue?

After a crowd control situation at the Matawan-Aberdeen train station, do you think Live Nation should continue to provide shuttle buses for concertgoers?

Police handled a large, rowdy crowd Thursday night at the , as hundreds of concert goers got off the train and waited for Live Nation shuttle buses to the PNC Bank Arts Center.

Police officers and ambulances were on hand, in anticipation of the crowds of young concert goers on their way to the 311, Slightly Stoopid concert. They were on extra alert after a similar incident in Long Branch .

 were taken to Monmouth Medical Center after passing out from heat exhaustion.

Matawan Police Department Lt. Ben Smith said he is not sure how long the shuttles have been running from Matawan, but the department prepares before every "high profile" concert with Live Nation, the company that provides buses. Crowds were on their way to the 311, Slightly Stoopid concert.

Live Nation meets with Matawan Police to review target numbers based on ticket sales for concerts, according to Smith. The department then determines how many officers and ambulances to station in the area.

Smith said Matawan officers are concerned that not enough buses were sent to Matawan by Live Nation.

"Not having adequate busing, that's what causes a lot of the problems. We had hundreds of people coming into the station at one time," Smith said.

Thursday night's situation began in Long Branch, as crowds switched trains to Matawan to reach the shuttle. Long Branch Police Capt. Jason Roebuck said many of the "kids" were intoxicated and that the train was "overcrowded."

Nancy Snyder, a spokesperson with NJ Transit Police Department, said the agency had not received reports of fights on trains.

Calls made to the PNC Bank Arts Center were not returned in time for publication.

Long Branch Local Editor Christopher Sheldon contributed to this report.

Homedel August 06, 2012 at 02:07 AM
This reminds me of when pinnochio got drunk and did drugs on his way to pleasure island. Why didn't the cops arrest the drunk children when they got off the train? The cops let them continue to the pnc bank arts center? And why did nj transit conductors do nothing about the hundreds of drunk children on the train? They allow drunk kids on the train????? They allow illegal activity??? Njtransit is to blame here.
Homedel August 06, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Now if it was a drunk homeless guy...nj transit would have kicked him off at the first train stop and had cops called on him. Njtransit profiles and is discriminatory. All drunks should kicked off and arrested for public intoxication and the children for underage drinking. Damn...if njtransit can't stop underage drunk kids...how safe are the trains for the not so obvious "religious fanatic"?
B Boylan August 06, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Who pays for the added police and overtime costs for this necessary "security"? The shuttle busses are causing an unsafe situation that should not cost the taxpayers in this township a dime. Do you think it is a coincidence that hooligans went around Aberdeen this past saturday night and broke many many car windows? Where are the police...at the train station? Maybe they were looking for parking receipts on the ground so they could give out littering tickets....This town has to make you laugh. Stop the shuttle bus, put the police where they should be and let the kids find their own way to the concert.
debra August 06, 2012 at 06:40 PM
How do you know about the windows being broken? what area? you think the police would let you know. I agree about the shuttle busses, they should be there,whats it going to take to stop them from shuttling, a bus driver getting attacked. i mean really there is security on the bus god forbid the bus driver says something to the kids to try to calm them down and they start a riot on the bus on the parkway? And i went to bamboozled with my 15 year old daughter and on the train on the way home it was packed but the kids were very good very quiet and they got on the train very orderely. even at the i did not see any out of control kids.
JosephGhabourLaw August 07, 2012 at 07:51 PM
Trains and buses are only "overwhelmed" when there is no planning. As well, a concert pays for its own security, which if it includes transportation, means security on the said transport. Bottom line: no excuse for anything but a smooth ride home on transit.


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