Get Alerts from Aberdeen and Matawan: Sign Up For Their Reverse 911 Systems

Both municipalities have an emergency alert system in place. Make sure they have your contact information.

Hurricane Sandy is tracking toward Monmouth County, likely bringing with it power outages, flooding and road closures.

Residents are incouraged to sign up for the reverse 911 system in either Aberdeen or Matawan to receive vital information specific to their town regarding the hurricane. 

A reverse 911 system allows emergency personnel and government officials to alert residents about possible dangers through telephone calls and email notifications.

In addition to road closures, severe weather and power outages the alert system can be used at any point in time for other reasons officials see fit, such as child abductions or other crimes. 

Here is a link to Aberdeen Township's CodeRED alert system.

Matawan Borough's Swift 911 alert system can be accessed by typing (or copying and pasting) the following URL into your web browser:

If you signed up previously, you do not need to do so again. You may unsubscribe from the service at any point by returning to the respective websites and following the instructions there.

Other useful resources for local hurricane news:

IrishGirl October 26, 2012 at 12:04 PM
I love that you have this up already =) Thank you!


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