Aberdeen Police Answer Over 600 Calls to Service During and After Sandy

All sworn officers staffed the department while the town dealt with the storm and its aftermath damage from Sandy.

The Aberdeen Township Police Department responded to or initiated 661 calls for service from Monday, Oct. 29 to the morning of Saturday, Nov. 10.

This included eleven domestic violence incidents, 80 alarms, 71 suspicious persons calls, 78 welfare checks, 30 storm-related incidents, two criminal mischief reports, four thefts, eight burglaries or attempted burglaries and one suspected arson, according to Chief of Police John Powers.

All sworn officers were called to service during the state of emergency, and officers were held beyond their normal tours of duty in order to increase manpower on patrol, Powers said. Detectives and command officers helped patrol the streets to respond to calls as well as increase police presence. Throughout the week, there were typically twice the number of officers on patrol than normal, he said.

According to Powers, officers were instructed to closely monitor neighborhoods, particularly over night in areas with power outages. Patrols were told to use their flashing lights in an attempt to reassure residents deter potential criminals.

"Based on what was being reported to us and what we observed, we determined it was not necessary to draw law enforcement resources away from municipalities that had suffered much greater devastation," he said, explaining that the police command staff met several times to evaluate the need for assistance. 

The following is a list of crimes reported between Oct. 29 and Nov. 10:


  • Beach Drive:  On Oct. 29 an attempt was made to enter the residence. The homeowners alerted two officers that were parked on Beach Drive and a search of the area was conducted. The actor could not be located.
  • Beach Drive: Sometime between Oct. 28 and Oct. 30 someone entered the home and took jewelry.
  • CVS, South Atlantic Ave.: On Oct. 30 someone attempted to gain entry by smashing the pharmacy window. No entry was gained and nothing was taken.
  • Kwik Shop, Route 516: Sometime between Oct. 30 and Oct. 31someone broke the front window and took cigarettes.
  • Wagner’s Marina, Amboy Ave.: Between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2 someone removed tools and equipment from the business.
  • Peachtree Village, County Rd.:  Sometime between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2 the residence was entered and electronics and games were taken.
  • Ingram Circle: On Nov. 6 it was reported that someone attempted to gain entry by prying open a window. No entry was made.
  • Lloyd Road School: It was reported that on Nov. 6 someone gained entry to the school and rode bicycles in the hallways.


  • CITGO, Hwy. 34: On Oct. 29 someone bought gas and left without paying for it.
  • West Concourse: Between Oct. 25 and Nov. 5 someone stole copper wire from the solar power equipment at the township pump station.
  • WaWa, Hwy. 35:  On Nov. 7 someone reported the theft of a credit card.
  • Weston Place:  A resident reported the theft of a bank card.


  • Seawood Drive:  A fire at a residence on Nov. 4 is being investigated as a suspected arson.
K Cole November 11, 2012 at 01:46 PM
In a time when community service is most important, the police department was and remains a vital resource to our town. thank you all for your tiredless efforts to keep us informed and assistance to gain information.
George Dzurina November 13, 2012 at 12:09 AM
I think we understand just how important community service is There seems to be quite a different opinion when you review the posts here on the Patch in regards to the service provided. While I am sure the PO's did work alot of hours this past couple of weeks but we need to remember these are highly paid unionized workers who are getting paid with OT for every minute they are working. Couple this with benefits package they recieve and this police force is making significantly making more than most all Aberdeen residents. So we all need to keep this in mind that these highly paid individuals are directly proportional to our high real estate taxes. Since NJ has the highest taxes in the USA are we recieving the best service in the USA............I read in the APP that Chief Power's stated he needed more PO's and that his 33 officiers was not enough. I think Chief Powers needs to reavaluate his departments work schedule of 4 days on and 4 days off. I used to think that 40 hours per 7 days was the standard work week ...I guess since Aberdeen has plenty of money and the taxes are so low we can afford to have the police work less than a 40 hour work week. The Aberdeen Police Force FULL TIME work week is 35 hours when we take into account their work schedule. All the Municipalities here in NJ would benefit from some type of regionalization. This would enable each County to have the resources when they are needed most.


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