New Fire Equipment Promises Better Training in Aberdeen

Practice equipment purchased with Aberdeen Day funds

Mayor Fred Tagliarini uses the BullsEye system to practice extinguishing a virtual fire. Photo Courtesy Aberdeen Township.
Mayor Fred Tagliarini uses the BullsEye system to practice extinguishing a virtual fire. Photo Courtesy Aberdeen Township.

Aberdeen officials have a new high tech way to help train schools and businesses on the proper way to extinguish fires.

The recent purchase of a BullsEye laser-driven training system will allow the township’s two fire districts to teach locals how to quell fires in real-world locations, the township announced. Lou Auriemma, district chief for Aberdeen Fire District Number One, was presented with the equipment this week by members of the township’s Economic Business Council and governing body.

“The purchase of this equipment demonstrates what can happen when public and private entities work together for the benefit of the community,” said Aberdeen Township Mayor Fred Tagliarini in a statement.

The $10,600 system was purchased mostly through funds raised by the EBC during the last two Aberdeen Day celebrations, according to the township.

“Because of the efforts of the Aberdeen EBC and other donors, residents, students and those whose business brings them to Aberdeen will be safer should a fire strike,” the mayor said.

Fire extinguisher training is required for schools and optional for businesses, according to the township. The new system will replace outdated film-based training.

“Last month, during a seminar at my school, our staff had the opportunity to learn about the new system and utilize it,” said Carmine Visone, chief executive officer of Home Away From Home Academy in Aberdeen and EBC chairman, in a statement. “I can definitely attest that it is the best virtual, hands-on system for fire safety training. It is as realistic as one can imagine and will provide any individual with the knowledge and real life experience of using a fire extinguisher.”

Businesses interested in scheduling training can call 732-566-3704 (District 1—Strathmore, Freneau and Oakshades sections) or 732-566-9448 (District 2—Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach sections).


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