Livoti's and Eli's Plan to Remain Open Throughout the Storm

The local businesses hope to provide food and supplies to the community.

Storefront after storefront along Route 34 in Matawan and Aberdeen were dark Monday morning, with many business owners heeding the multitude of warnings from local, county and state officials.

Livoti's Old World Market and Eli's Hot Bagels were illuminated, however, as they bunkered in to weather the storm alongside the community.

Livoti's catering manager Daniel Ali explained that as long as some employees can get to the grocery store, they will be open. This year, they are even prepared with a generator.

"When the whole town's down, we'll be here," Ali said.

Ali noted that the family-run business wants to make sure that area residents who lose power are able to have fresh food.

"God forbid somebody's electricity goes out and all the food in their fridge spoils. Is their family going to go a few days without food?" he said.

Today, Livoti's will remain open until 4 p.m. They plan to reopen as scheduled tomorrow morning, but it's best to call before risking being on the road: 732-566-2500.

In the next shopping center over, Eli's Hot Bagels plans to stand by their 24/7 promise.

The shop was busy serving up egg sandwiches and baking more bagels for hungry customers.

Although Eli's does not have a generator, they are hoping for the best during Hurricane Sandy.

"We'll be open until they tell us we have to go," said co-owner Cary.

Eli's can be reached at 732-566-4523.

Is your business remaining open through the storm? Tell us below in the comments.


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