Four Simple Ways to Make Patch Work for You

Whether you own a local business, are part of a local organization or just like to be involved, we've got you covered

Patch's mission is simple. We want to make life ridiculously easy for you and your neighbors! We're here for you, whether you are a local business owner, part of a local volunteer organization or just have a point of view you want to share with the community.

First, log in as a Patch user. Then, take advantage of Patch in any or all of the four following free ways:

1. Announcements

Our Announcements section is free and easy to use. All you have to do is go to matawan-aberdeen.patch.com, scroll the mouse over the word news, click announcements, click "Add an Announcement" on the top right and fill out the form and submit. If you add photos to your announcements, they will likely be featured on the front page.

2. Event Listings

This is a great way to publicize your group's special events and happenings. Our calendar is a community resource built by members of our community. To add an event to our calendar, all you have to do is go to matawan-aberdeen.patch.com, click on the word "Events" in the navigation bar, click "Add an Event" on the top right and fill out the form and submit. With this form, you are also encouraged to upload photos or PDF versions of a flyer advertising the event. The more photos and the more detailed, the more likely the event will be featured on the front page.

3. Blogging

We invite all members of our community to blog. There is no set limit on how much or little you blog, frequency is completely up to you. If this is something you are interested in, email local editor Chelsea Naso at chelsea.naso@patch.com. We've had bloggers write about a variety of topics, including early childhood education, gardening, and community awareness.

All users can add events taking place at local spots, can on a scale of one to five stars, and can . But owners of local businesses get extra bonuses when they claim a listing. Owners or managers should search for their business listing and select "claim you listing" in order to make updates to the page. A form will pop up asking for your name, contact information, and proof of ownership. You will be able to make changes and updates to your listing, including managing photos and videos.


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