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Dumpsters Coming to Beach Drive, Aberdeen Township Officials Say

Department of Works secured two dumpsters for debris, which are scheduled to arrive Monday, Dec. 3.

The following is a message from Aberdeen Township Manager Holly Reycraft:

Members of our management team have been communicating with residents on Beach Drive. Director of Public Works Bob Brady spoke with several residents in the first weeks after Sandy about removing the debris. He was advised at the time that the homeowners' insurance companies did not want the items removed until the losses were documented. Bob has since arranged for a dumpster to be placed down by the beach that will be used by Aberdeen DPW employees to remove the Beach Drive debris. Following internal discussions on how to ensure that the dumpster would be for exclusive use of the hard-hit Beach Drive residents, we contacted Future Sanitation to secure a dumpster. However, availability was limited due to the high demand of other hard-hit towns. 

We're pleased to say that two dumpsters will be there on Monday, December 3. In fact, Bob met with Beach Drive resident Jane Heron on Wednesday afternoon to discuss these issues and advised her that the dumpsters would be there on Monday and that DPW employees will be picking up the debris. Letters went out to each resident with this information yesterday.

Additionally, Bob has contacted the Monmouth County Solid Waste coordinator to get a list of approved contractors that can augment the DPW crews. As for assistance from FEMA, the agency does not supply people or equipment to come in and remove debris.

Meanwhile, under normal circumstances, our seasonal leaf pickups can be a week behind due to weather conditions or other emergencies that take precedence (for example, a water main break). As noted in the Township calendar, the leaf schedule posted is always an approximate timetable. The fact that we are two weeks behind with the huge amount of trees and branches out for pickup this year speaks volumesabout the work our DPW crews are doing.


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