Aberdeen Residents Appointed to Local Boards & Councils

The Aberdeen Council approved the appointments of local residents as members of boards and councils.

Several Aberdeen residents were appointed as volunteer members of local boards and councils at the Township Council's Jan. 15 meeting. 

The following people were appointed to the Senior Citizen Advisory Board:

  • Rev Dr. Thelma Gattis
  • Michele Meany
  • Carol McCoy
  • Carol Serpe
  • Joe Manzella
  • George Williams
  • Councilwoman Concetta Kelly
  • Recreation Director Jim Colabelli

The following people were appointed to the Recreation Advisory Board

  • Joe Colodin
  • Rita Colodin
  • Darren Drapkin
  • Owen Drapkin
  • Thomas Falco
  • Jane Johnson
  • Joe Moy
  • Susan Moy
  • Joe Pauciello
  • MaryAnn Pauciello
  • Art Perri
  • John Powers
  • Alan Taylor
  • Vito Turchiano
  • Chet Weag

The following people were appointed to the Aberdeen Environmental & Shade Tree Advisory

  • Regular Members:
    • Frank Huza
    • Michele Devanny
    • Valerie David
    • Chris Mularadelis
    • Robert Berardo
  • Alternate Member:
    • Paul Rinear
  • Student Members:
    • Nairooti Patel
    • Radhika Kumar

The following people were appointed to the Township of Aberdeen Business Council 2013:

  • Carmine Visone, Chairman
  • Jason Bigelow
  • Eugene DeMarco
  • Luigi Falco
  • Artie Hirsch 
  • Steven Marcinkiewicz
  • Tom Roman
  • Melanie Straniero
  • Maxine Rescorl, Zoning Officer
  • Fred Tagliarini, Mayor
  • Holly Reycraft, Town Manager
  • Bill Parness, Public Relations 


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