Storage Facility Auctions in Holmdel and Hazlet on Jan. 17

Some of the items up for auction include furniture, tools, rugs, clothing, a telescope.

Storage facilities in Holmdel and Hazlet have posted public notices that they intend to sell off the contents of certain units at public sale by competitive bid on Jan. 17, to satisfy liens. Their monthly auctions are published in the Asbury Park Press. 

Buyers must bring cash and pay at the time of the sale, and be prepared to cart the contents away. The facilities reserve the right to bid on the items. Some of these items listed will not be sold, because owners can still come forward to pay bills and prevent the sale of their possessions. 


Safeguard Storage facility is located at 2152 State Route 35 
Holmdel. The sale is at 2 p.m.

3239 Lisa Postell Bags, Boxes, Clothes
3330 Stephen Tracey Dirt Bike,Large Telescope, Bags
2349 Edward Royce Boxes, Bags, Books
1407 Desiree Phillips Boxes, Bags, Clothes
1248 Gail Potts Furniture, Boxes, Rugs
3410 Kerri Langan TV, Radio Bookshelf
3106 Anna Dayback TV, Bags, Boxes
1412 Heather Kelco Bags, Boxes, Clothes
3344 Michelina Silvey Furniture, Boxes, Bags
3328 Ryan Kristiansen Boxes, Bags, Furniture


Extra Space Storage sale begins at 4:00 pm. It is located at 1110 Route 36 East in Hazlet. The phone number is 732-888-8300 

Unit 10 Marjorie Spence Clothes, Small Household 
Unit 31 Rocky Stone Household, Furniture
Unit 100 Cynthia Cardona Household Items
Unit 134 Gail Potts Household
Unit 140 Michael Lengyel Household Items 
Unit 183 Michael Domaratius Household, Goods, Appliances
Unit 185 Darlene Howard Furniture, Household, Boxes 
Unit 288 Gail Potts Household Contents
Unit 292 Gina Giacomarro Household Goods 
Unit 316 Robert Lamanna Household, Furniture
Unit 426 Anthony Distaulo Household, Furniture 
Unit 432 GMK Properties Business Inventory
Unit 437 Gail Potts Content of House
Unit 493 Jersey Shore School Business Furniture
Unit 522 Joseph Sparandera Tools, Boat Equipment
Unit 581 Calvin Cheatum Clothing, Table, TV
Unit 630 Kelliann Dalton Furniture, Boxes, Household 
Unit 1128 Leonard J. Moravek Jr. Household, Furniture
Unit 2121 Charles Mayer Paperwork
Unit 2426 Rudy Estrella Appliances, Boxes, Clothing 


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