QuickChek Coming to Route 79 and Lloyd Road in Marlboro

The facility will be located in the vacant lot next to the new CVS.

A QuickChek fuel station and convenience store is joining the newly opened CVS at a lot on the intersection of Lloyd Road and Route 79.

QuickChek application representatives presented to the Marlboro Zoning Board for the second time Wednesday, looking for a conditional use variance on the lot to allow both QuickChek and a multi-tenant commercial building in the rear of the property.

The approval of the application came only seventeen days after Matawan denied a similar one, also on Route 79, due to its proximity to their designated train station redevelopment zone.

According to The News Transcript, Zoning Board members expressed traffic concerns in the area. However, the Department of Transportation recently ok'd widening the road as well as altering the intersection traffic signal to reflect a higher commercial traffic volume.

The Marlboro Zoning Board approved the application on March 19.

Tell us: Does a QuickChek store and gas station fit the area?

John Gordon March 22, 2013 at 02:15 PM
Sure. It would have fit better near the train station, instead of NOTHING. Automobile and rail commuters would have stopped there for coffee, meals, or gas. Main St. is a major transportation artery between Route 35, the GSP, and neighboring towns. That tax revenue stream is now going to go to Marlboro. What is this vision for the train station redevelopment zone anyway? I moved to Matawan 3 years ago and so far have seen three traffic lights get swapped out for newer darker colored ones, a 7/11 close down, and day laborers move 200 yards down the road from the Quick Check to the train station, where they clearly blend into the landscape much better (sarcasm). What are my taxes going to besides schooling when I have beyond legal limits of THHM in my water supply for over a year now and a downtown that looks weathered, dilapidated, and uncared for? (I am not a democrat and this is not a political statement. I am just a citizen of Matawan on a rant.) Thanks for listening.
DRL March 22, 2013 at 02:49 PM
I do agree with you John G. We pay a lot of taxes and the roads in Matawan are horrible to say the least. and the town is looking so run down
Marlene LaMura March 22, 2013 at 03:01 PM
All residents of Matawan should be ranting as well as most of your neighboring towns & townships. There is no real leadership in these towns. It is all about what they can get from the residents. If the residents don't unite soon they are going to be taxed out of existence!


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