A Sandy Recovery Gift From Fair Haven

Alabama Power donates $10K on behalf of Fair Haven to Red Cross

It all started with a few burgers, a fired up grill and heap of hospitality in the face of adversity.

It was after Hurricane Sandy. Fair Haven was dark. Some experts came to town to turn the lights back on; and spirits quickly grew warm.

The people of Fair Haven showed the workers of Alabama Power some down-home comfort and appreciation as they rolled their utility trucks in to save the day and get everyone in the borough, and all over the area, out of the dark.

Resident Heather Heard wandered over to Fair Haven Fields, where the utility trucks were lined up and readying to make massive repairs. She decided to fire up the grill and cook the men some burgers. It was a small way to say thanks, she figured.

Before long, residents filed in with food from every kitchen in any home or eatery that could provide. Workers, for the next several days, ended up with filled gullets and hearts to an extent they had never expected, because doing the work was "just what we do," they told many who gushed thanks and praise.

When it came time for those Alabama Power workers to get in their trucks and head home, they even got a little teary eyed, having gotten quickly attached to a town they never even knew existed until Hurricane Sandy hit.

Not too long ago, representatives of Alabama Power returned to Fair Haven as the recipients of a thank-you reception and proclamation reading bestowing accolades on the new hometown heroes.

But, this time, they turned the kindness back on Fair Haven and, in a suprise move that brought people to tears and their feet with thundering applause, the company's officials handed a check for $10,000 over to Fair Haven officials to be given to the American Red Cross for Sandy relief on behalf of the people of Fair Haven.

That check was given to representatives of the Red Cross at Monday night's meeting.

The representative who accepted the check, John Gagliano, is also a Fair Haven resident.

Take a look at the above video clip for a glimpse into the moment. And watch for some flashback clips of Alabama Power's visit back to Fair Haven after the storm.

Carrie Callaway Rachel January 31, 2013 at 12:44 AM
Classy, Alabama Power! Proud of you!


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